• Got Joy?

    Got Joy?

    Lead the life you're meant to have! A life coach helps you to help yourself, lending support through the tough stuff and cheerleading you along the way.
  • Find Happiness

    Find Happiness

    Discover your positive self, learn to reshape your behavior and become the best YOU that you can be!
  • Live better

    Live better

    You deserve to be happy. Annie's coaching helps you remove roadblocks between you and your goals. Click to learn more.
  • Enjoy your life

    Enjoy your life

    Because life is more than just a 4-letter word! Bring Annie Gregson into your world and achieve the next level in your life.
  • Call today!

    Call today!

    Call Annie today for a free consultation! {518) 321-6203

What does a Life Coach do?

  • Provides a structure of support
  • Challenges you
  • Provides a safe environment to work through the tough stuff
  • Helps you help yourself
  • Guides you to noticing your own tensions, fears and angers
  • Provides objective feedback
  • Coaches you in self-acceptance and attention training
  • Leads you in self-discovery and positive ways forward
  • Eases stress
  • Helps you create and realize your vision

Happiness Starts Here!

  • Improve your emotional stability
  • Recover from painful experiences
  • Reshape old unhelpful behavior
  • Learn to listen, recognize and respond to feelings as they occur
  • Remove roadblocks between you and your goals
  • Become the best YOU that you can be
  • Live your life deliberately
  • Discover your positive self
  • Free yourself from the past to move forward
  • Find joy, happiness and success