04 Jan 2012
January 4, 2012

Home Sweet Home

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Assignment: go on an adventure, take a path you’ve never been. So, it’s 5 degrees outside, I slap on my “sleeping bag with arms”, warmest gloves and hat and head up the road with my dog Cooper. We’re going to find our way to Matt’s pond. He’s my nephew. When I met my late husband.. read more →

03 Jan 2012
January 3, 2012

Of Mice and Me

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Mouse-Eye View of my live trap Here’s a cool thing – 31 Days of Adventure. In this post I’ve combined the 1st & 2nd days’ prompts – take a picture from an unusual angle and notice the little things. GREAT! I’ve been wanting to tell the world about the most amazing mouse. So here it is… read more →