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Annie Gregson

Annie Gregson

I bring to the table many adventures: office slave and night supervisor, day camp program director, New Orleans bartender, ski lift operator, department store sales, freelance artist (still), ski instructor and more. And always a fun instigator.

I combined my love of art and kids and taught Art in public school for 23 years, the last 20 as the kindergarten through 12th grade Art teacher in an Adirondack Mountains school of 300 kids. I learned so much – from students and colleagues and through continuing education classes on brain research, gender bias, curriculum development, effective teaching practices and more. I’ve also taught adult Art classes and tutored.

In 2003 I lived in Italy for a month, immersing myself in the process of printmaking (etchings). It felt natural to work with artists. “More of this, please.” I continue to entertain the artistic muse in my studio at home, showing my prints in local venues and on my website. And I just finished illustrating a children’s book and am finishing a second, using watercolors.

I became curious about the life coaching my husband, Lance, was so good at and hired a coach of my own. I attended the Academy for Coach Training in Seattle and became a certified Life Coach and Live Your Vision Coach. Lance and I planned to launch a coaching business together in 2009.

Enter the giant 2’x4′ across the head: in 2007, Lance, my husband of 17 years, died in a fall. My community wrapped their arms around me and, in 2009, I retired and began figuring out my new life. Talking with my coach and long walks in the woods with Little Big Dog kept my head screwed on straight. Yoga became another way to peace. In 2015 I made the decision to sell my country home and move to Burlington, Vermont. The overwhelming task of fixing up and selling this old house was, well, overwhelming. But I coached myself through it (exhausting!) and I sit in my beautiful Burlington rental with Lake Champlain 2 blocks away. I can wave to the Adirondacks from my back deck.

I help my aging mother, cook up a storm for friends and family, read, get enough sleep, practice yoga, ski, dance, sing, and keep on moving forward.

I have ended up on a road I certainly didn’t anticipate. Now I know it’s my road. It’s my feet doing the walking, after all.





Annie's Art

Annie is an artist as well!

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1-Eye Classic

Annie is the director of the 1-Eye Classic, a yearly bicycling event that she started with two friends in 2008 to honor her late husband, Lance Gregson. Visit the Facebook page for more info: https://www.facebook.com/SchroonLakeCycling