Coachability Quiz

Is Life Coaching the right fit for you? Here’s one way to figure that out!

How true are these statements?

1) There is a gap between where I am now and where I want to be.
2) I am passionate about making a change or transformation.
3) I am open to discovery and learning.
4) I am willing to be honest and straightforward with my coach at all times.
5) I am willing to examine my beliefs, understandings and decisions.
6) I am open to honest feedback and candid assessment.
7) I am willing to actively work on my goals and objectives.
8) When appropriate, I will experiment with doing things a different way.
9) I am willing to come to each coaching call on time and focused.
10) I have the patience and persistence to stay with the coaching process.
11) I see coaching as a valuable investment in myself and my future.
12) I am willing to take responsibility for my results and understand that my coach cannot do the work for me, but is there to support me through the process.
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