“I think we create obstacles for ourselves all the time. Sometimes they are with friends and family, sometimes at work, sometimes we make them up in our heads. A lot of times they are created as a result of good intentions and we don’t even realize we’re doing it. Once we do this we’ve blocked our way towards, or can’t see what we really want. Working with Annie has helped me become aware of this, minimize creating more obstacles, identify the real obstacles, and get them out of the way. This helps me see what I really want and clears the way for me to plan actionable steps towards it.”

- Tim Ellifritz, Father, Musician and Regular 9-5 Guy

“One-on-one with Annie helped me see where I was getting in my own way and how certain fears were irrational.  I learned to trust my instincts and gained clarity in what I wanted to accomplish, and how I could move towards that end.  There’s nothing like working with someone with infectious energy and enthusiasm to show you how to put the rubber to the road.”
— Beti Spangel, Freelance Writer

“It has been an amazing experience to be coached by Annie. She helped me determine my life’s vision and purpose and she guides me back to them when I lose focus. Annie offers my ideal balance of support, compassion, humor, creativity and occasional directness. I highly recommend her.”
—Debbie Philp, True North Yoga Studio Owner & Teacher

“Annie’s coaching helped me realize the values that are most important to me. I also learned to stop judging others by my values. This awakening helped lift a weight off of me that was holding me back from living my own life to the fullest.”
— Ruzanne Behrens, Eclectic Entrepreneur

“Having an opportunity to speak regularly with someone who can help me focus and refine my thoughts has helped me find time for reflection and planning that is so easily lost. Annie has been a helpful and valuable resource.”
— Judy Allison, 5th Grade Teacher

“Coaching with Annie has proved to be an exciting adventure into self discovery for me. At first, I intended to use the process as an adjunct catalyst in writing a masters thesis on my life’s work as a local arts council director, a life task certainly worthy of the extra personal support.  But the self knowledge that has risen to the surface through coaching has become an unexpected source of insight for me in my personal as well as my professional life. The extra eyes, ears, and intuitive responses of my coach have been a welcome and strengthening support as I write my thesis. Coaching has become an  “interactive mirror” for my own insights and perspectives, sometimes re-configuring and re-aligning them for me, but always reassuring me of their value in my life’s journey.”
— Pat Joyce, Retired Arts Council Director

“Although I only worked with Annie for a short time, her impact on my life was everlasting. Our weekly phone conversations were crucial in helping me figure out where I wanted my career, and life, to go. Always understanding and never judgmental, Anne was able to sort through my ramblings and indecisiveness to help me zero in on my talents, fears and passion — giving me a better understanding of who I am. Since then, I have used these tools to build a successful career and personal life, as well as have the confidence in myself that was bullied out of me a long time ago.”
— Michelle Maskaly, Journalist and Editor