What choices can I offer you?

First, let’s have a conversation to introduce you to the process of coaching and see if this is what you’re looking for. We can do this over the phone or meet, if you’re not way out of town. Call (518) 321-6203 or email

The Dear Annie E-letter

Once a week you send me a question or conundrum via email and I point you in the direction of how or what is standing between you and the answer.


One on One Coaching

  • Three 1-hour calls per month
  • Phone or email support in between as needed


Live Your Vision Program

  • One 90-minute call per week, for 12 weeks, to develop your MasterPlan
  • Then, to implement the plan, 12 weeks of one-on-one coaching, 1 hour per week, 3 times per month

Create your unique Masterplan: $1,800
12 weeks of implementation coaching: $900
Total: $2,700

Are you ready to find your Joy?

I can help you live the life you’ve been imagining, but only if you take the first step. The first call is my gift to you, so schedule yours and find out how a Life Coach can guide you as you revive, refine and live your dreams.

Contact me today!