1. How does it work?
    Just give me a call at (518) 321-6203 and we’ll chat, no charge. If we’re right for each other, we’ll sign a contract and plan to talk over the phone three times a month, during scheduled appointments. You’ll get a little bit of homework to keep you learning and growing between calls. My monthly fee includes any additional email or phone support you need.

  2. Is it all over the phone?
    Our three scheduled talks, yes, are over the phone. I’m also available by email or texting. If it is convenient, we can also meet in person. You are welcome to use our coaching as needed, though I will let you know if I begin to feel “over used.”

  3. What will we talk about?
    Coaching may address specific personal projects, business successes, or general conditions in your life. It is my job as your coach to ask you some bold and forthright questions. I am here to support you in the actions you have chosen for yourself.

  4. What's this homework like?
    Your homework may include journaling assignments, reflecting on questions, creating charts or art projects (not to be graded, so not to worry!) or other creative ways to work through your roadblocks, or to determine what exactly your roadblocks even are.

  5. So is it like counseling?
    Coaches are not trained to diagnose or treat illness. We focus mostly on the client’s growth and learning and are ethically bound to recommend therapy if needed. You are the expert of your life; coaches are the experts of the coaching process. We ask powerful questions, provide tools, and hold you accountable. Coaching is a skill set your best friend may not have.

  6. What's this contract about?
    View a sample Coaching Agreement right here.

  7. What does it cost?
    Check out the Choices page, give me a call today at (518) 321-6203 or drop me an email.
  8. Are you ready to find your Joy?

    I can help you live the life you’ve been imagining, but only if you take the first step. The first call is my gift to you, so schedule yours and find out how a Life Coach can guide you as you revive, refine and live your dreams.

    Contact me today!